Friday Night Menu

Friday, May 19, 2017

Lake Erie Perch  $15.95  Yellow lake Perch lightly breaded then deep fried

BBQ Ribs  $15.95  Slow roasted in a smoker then topped with BBQ sauce

Chicken Parmesan  $13.95  Lightly breaded then pan fried.  Topped with mozzarella, parmesan cheese and marinara sauce.  Served on linguine noodles

Cowboy Crusted Sirloin  $13.95  6 oz angus sirloin crusted with spices then char grilled

Fried Perch Sandwich  $10.95  Served with fries & slaw

Desserts:  Strawberry Shortcake    Lemon Crunch Pie

Appetizer: Jumbo Chicken Wings  $6.95  One pound tossed with Franks Stingin honey garlic sauce

Drink Special: Rhinegeist Pale Ale  $3.25

A sample of our public lunch menu is listed below. Daily specials are available.


Sarah’s Salad
Fresh mixed greens topped with dried cherries, toasted pecans, sliced mushrooms and sliced chicken breast: served with raspberry vinaigrette dressing. $6.50. (Small: $5.50)

Chef Salad
Ham, turkey and cheese with tomato and egg wedges, your choice of dressing. $5.95.

Caesar Salad
Crisp romaine tossed with Parmesan cheese topped with croutons, red onion and sliced chicken breast: served with Caesar dressing. $6.50

Fruit and Salad
Fresh fruit with your choice of tuna or chicken salad garnished with tomato wedges. $5.95.

Tossed Salad
Plain and simple! Salad greens with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. $2.75.

Betty’s Salad
Crisp mixed greens topped with eggs, bacon, bean sprouts: served with its own delicious dressing. $6.50.


All burgers served with chips & pickles. Add bacon to any burger for $0.75.

Classic Burger
1/3 pound of fresh ground chuck on a grilled bun with lettuce and tomato. $4.75.

Our classic with American, Swiss or cheddar cheese. $4.95.

Mushroom Burger
Lots of sauteed mushrooms and melted Swiss. $5.25.

Cajun Burger
Cajun spices and cheddar cheese. $5.25.

Southwest Burger
Pepper jack cheese and salsa. $5.25.


All sandwiches come with chips and pickles. Make your sandwich a platter! Add slaw and fries or onion rings for $1.75.

Club Sandwich
It’s the classic: ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo and American cheese on toasted wheat bread. $5.75.

Broiled Chicken Breast
Always a favorite! Marinated, skinless, boneless chicken breast topped with Swiss cheese. $5.50.

Salad Sandwich
Tuna, chicken or egg salad, lettuce and tomato on toasted sourdough bread. $4.75.

Grilled Cheese
Choose a cheese! American, Swiss or mozzarella. $3.95. Add bacon or ham for $1 more.

Lean corned beef, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut grilled on rye bread with thousand island dressing. $5.75.

Beef Sandwich
Lean beef with a great sauce served on a bun. $5.25. Top it with slaw for $0.50.

Enough said. $4.75.

Rachel Sandwich
Turkey and coleslaw on dark pumpernickel with Swiss cheese, grilled. $5.75.

Fish Sandwich
Batter-dipped cod, deep-fried. $5.50. Add cheese for $0.50.

Perch Sandwich
Battered in butter crackers and deep-fried. $6.50. Add cheese for $0.50.

Cold Sliced Turkey or Ham
A great sandwich with a choice of cheese served on white, wheat or rye. $4.95.

The Vegetarian
You don’t have to be one to love it! Cucumbers, coleslaw, green peppers and mozzarella cheese stacked on thick pumpernickel, lightly treated with western dressing and mayo. $5.50.

Breaded Veal
A breaded veal with mozzarella inside, deep-fried on a toasted bun with lettuce and tomato. $5.75.


All baskets served with fries and slaw. Substitute onion rings for $0.75.

Chicken Fingers
The best boneless, breaded chicken strips, deep-fried to a crisp. $6.50.

Lightly breaded, clean-tail shrimp. $8.95.

Battered in butter crackers and deep-fried. $6.95.

Cod Filets
Mild cod file ts dipped and fried until crunchy. $6.50.

Clam Strips
Plump and tender. $6.50.


Sides to go with it…

Coleslaw: $1.25
Cottage Cheese: $1.25
French Fries: $1.25
Onion Rings: $2.75

All you can eat soup and salad bar: $6.50 (seasonal)

Two, home-made soups every day.
In a cup: $1.95
In a bowl: $2.95

Just for Kids!

Chicken fingers and fries: $3.50
Grilled cheese: $2.50
Hot dog and chips: $3